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Iphone and Exchange Syncing

jaffan_nadir asked
We have SBS 2008 with exchange running on it and active sync enabled. My manager has an Iphone and he is complaining that his IPhone contacts are showing up on his outlook 2007 and he does not like that.   I want to understand how this syncing works!! Is it over the air? is it through Itunes? or is it through outlook?  can someone explains to me how it works? and than give me a solution on how to remove the Iphone contacts from his outlook and keep only his " exchange" contacts there.
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Top Expert 2011
Syncing is direct to the Exchange server from the iPhone and back again.

If you change something in Outlook / Outlook Web Access, it will change on the phone and vice-versa.

When you setup the Exchange account and choose to Sync the contacts - you get given a choice to keep or delete any contacts on the iPhone.

If you don't want / need the iPhone contacts that are not in Exchange, then you will need to delete disable the Exchange account contacts, then re-enable them and respond to delete the contacts on the iPhone.

The alternative is to just show the contacts from Exchange by going into Contacts in the iPhone, selecting Contacts at the top left and then just selecting the Exchange Contacts not All Contacts, then nothing gets deleted (just in case).

If his iPhone contacts are showing in Outlook - then you may have synced the iPhone to Outlook and thus they are now in Outlook, so they need to be deleted from Outlook (as long as they are no longer needed).


I need more clarification,

The Exchange account on the Iphone has syncing contacts OFF. so that should have stopped Iphone from syncing the contacts with exchange right?
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

Okay - is iTunes set to sync the iPhone and Outlook?
Nathan PSystems Architect
Jaffan_Nadir:  Yes, it should have stopped the syncing.

1: If the iPhone has been told to stop syncing, it will NOT remove the contacts from Outlook automatically.

2:  Make sure the user isn't connecting the iPhone to that same PC and running iTunes, as it could also try to sync contacts.  If they are.. check the iTunes settings.

3:  If those are both done, have the manager delete a contact from Outlook that came from the iPhone, and wait a few hours.. if it doesn't reappear, you've solved it and you can delete others that came from that sync.

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