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Need to SSH into a Windows Server to have access to a command window/shell window

I used to use PuTTY to log into a Linux box via SSH.  It would prompt me to a username/password and I would have access to it's backend command line.  

The application that was installed in Linux is now on a Windows server.  I still need to know how to run those commands.  I tried using PuTTY but it just says:
"Network error: Connection refused"

Is there a way to "PuTTY" into Windows and run my same commands?

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You can enable telnet server, I believe it is in control panel add/remove windows components, and you can still use PuTTY, just select telnet instead of SSH. Note that telnet is not encrypted like SSH.

You can also install a SSH server like freesshd and use PuTTY to SSH in.

You may also have to make sure the corresponding ports (telnet is 23, SSH is 22) are open, if you have a firewall in place.
Keith BrownAWS System Administrator
You need to have an SSH server on the windows system. You can use something like OpenSSH, MobaSSH, or FreeSSHd (guide here). Most linux distros install one by default, but really not much need for it on Windows.



How do I verify if SSH is not turned on a Windows 7 Server?
If you install an SSH server, you should be able to check your process list to see if the server is running, and the SSH server software itself may have some sort of console or way of checking whether or not it is active and listening. If the server is active and you still can't connect, I would check your firewall.


ok, thanks.  I'll need our network team to look into this.  Was it was already installed and SSH ready.  Thanks!

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