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Open pdf files in browser using sharepoint 2010

I am trying to get it so that users in a site on our sharepoint server can open pdf's directly in the browser and not have to download them.  I found this article:


Option #1 looks like it sets Browser File Handling to Permissive for all sites and I only want to do it for one specific site.  So I decided to try the powershell option.  When I run powershell and put that in there (with my site url in it) I get the following error:

 The term 'Get-SPWebApplication' is not recognized as a cmdlet, function, operableprogram

Any thoughts or a way of opening the pdf in the browser?
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Lets start with the simple question first. Are you sure you are running this command in the Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell and not just a regular powershell window.

I just tested this on my SP2010 server and the command is a valid one.

If you open the powershell window and type get-spw and then hit tab it should autofill the command hitting tab will cycle through to the next command. GET-SPwebapplication is definitely a correct command.

Also if you are running this from the sharepoint server using a regular powershell window you can run the following command to add the SP cmdlets.

add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell


I was trying it through the regular powershell.  So I ran it through the Sharepoint one, and I get the error:

Cannot find an SPWebApplication object with Name, Id, or URL:

Can that not be run at the site level?

Our server would be


but the site url I am trying is:


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