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share files via network from xp professional to Vista

I have a desktop running xp pro that has files and folders that are marked for sharing.

I have a laptop running Vista that needs to access those files and folders.

I could access them at the old location/network where they were set up.

we have moved, we are now hooked up to another company's network (subleasing a part of their space).  

Since the move, I cannot get the Vista laptop to access the files on the desktop.  

both computers are on the same network.  both are in the same workgroup.  I have disabled password protected sharing on the vista machine.  I can see the XP machine in the network list on the vista computer.  But when I open it, it asks me for a username and password.  

I have tried having no password on the XP machine.  

I have tried setting up an admin user account on the xp machine that has the same name/password as the account on the Vista machine.

What am I missing?  If the computers can see each other, there couldn't be any restrictions on the new network we are using (they have a sonicwall firewall box), could there?

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Can you access the local drive of the XP Pc by using

If you can can you navigate to the Users Desktop or location of the shared File?

If so, use the \\PCName\C$\DocumentsandSettings\UserProfile\Desktop\SharedFile



Apache -

what does the $ stand for after c?  do I actually type in a $ after C?  in other words, let's say the pc name is "karen"...would i type in \\karen\c$  ?

also, I did try \\karen\folder name path but it asked me for username and password again.
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"C$" is whats called a hidden Administrative share on a PC.

If the C drive of another pc is not technically shared, it could still be accessed across a network by accessing the hidden administrative share

So if the PCs Name is KAREN, you go to Start>Run and type


If you get asked a name and password enter your domain user name and or password
Likely it wont allow you to access it, but you never know

If it doesnt, get yourself setup as a local admin on the source PC.
As local admin you will be able to access the file

Alternativley the user can add you Account the the security properties of the folder and or file with full pemissions
This will also allow you to access the individual folders / files if they cant give you full access as a local admin


Thanks, this helped me enough to get to where I needed to be!

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