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Can you solve this linking problem please?

I have two websites A and B.
I want to feed traffic from B to A to boost A's search engine ranking.
A and B have similar functions.   i.e. visitors to b can click on either red, blue, yellow, pink, green,black etc  items.

If it was a stand alone site those clicks would take them through to particular merchants.

Site A also has red, blue, yellow, pink, green,black etc  items. and these do go through to the merchants as site A is the master site.

As I said the main purpose of site B is not to go through to the merchants but to  feed into Site A from where they should go in to the merchants.

I need to ensure that the links  from site B (from red, blue, yellow, pink, green,black etc  items.)
are recogised by the spiders.
  Here is the problem:

Can I do a -re-direct or something like it so that when the user clicks on red on site B the link takes him to red onsite A but does not"settle" there but is recorded as a link hit and is sent off to the merchant as though it was a click from  red on site A.

I know it would be easier if there was a page for red,blue,yellow black, pink etc onsite A in which case the user from site B would merely click again to go to the merchant.
This would not work for two reasons.   1.   I do not want the user to have to clicktwice to get to the merchant (i.e. once on site Band once on site A)
2.  it is not feasible to set up a separat3e page for red,blue, yellow green etc.

Can you help me solve this please.??
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What you are trying to do with the re-direction through a will not increase googles ranking and infact, when the spider record that they are re-directa nd not links to content on a they may reduce the the page rank of both a and b.  Google is very good at detecting sites that are doing things they consider attempts to "game" the page rankings.

It might be better to just re-direct from b to a when the visitor arrives.
I agree with COBOLdinosaur.

You're trying to use black hat SEO and it could get you removed from Google completely.

Get rid of site B all together, it's pointless.  If your site is good and was set up correctly (with all white hat SEO techniques) then it will move up in the listings itself.

Google doesn't care about one site linking to another, people have to find your content relevant.  If they do, Google will be able to tell that by how many people click on your entries and go to your site and stay there (don't hit the back button).

Keep in mind that it takes between 3-6 months for sites to move up because of how Google stores their content.
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The other thing is ownership, and ip addresses.  If you are listed as the owner of both sites, google will ignore even legit links anyway, and they would not carry much weight if they are on the same class C ip block.  Good backlinks are an important part of page ranking, but there are dozens of variables that Google uses to determine the relevance of a page for a given search term.


thanks for your comments.    I take them all on board, particularly the black hat point.
One final question.  Site B is essentially a stand alone marketing vertical which is served by the same merchants as Site A.  
I was going to have dedicated IP addresses for each of Site A and B.

If I do this and if I just link from B to the relevant detail on A it means that I can optimise B in its own right which I could not do if it was   part of site A.
Final comments please
Even if it has a unique IP, Google will still see the same content and you'll be penalized because of that.  It's very bad practice to intentionally duplicate your content purely for links.

If you keep your site B up you will be negatively affecting your site A's standing and potential standing.  If you need links you are better off to create an AdWords campaign so people actually go to your site, see your products and return -- and more importantly, mention it freely online.

Or, send your products to various bloggers and ask them to review your products.  Sites like BzzAgent can help you do that.  That site will actually help you generate a huge amount of good traffic.


thanks very much for your time and trouble and the help you have given me.
It is much appreciated

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