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Best practise for maintenance PC

Hi guys,

In our company we changed all workstations and laptops. but they are not partitioned, they came with windows 7, we configured user accounts by adding the clients to the domain.

We are nearly 100 users. I am the only tech. so i am looking for the best and easy way for maintenance.

Creating an image with 2 partitions on hardisk will be easy for maintenance or leaving them as it is will be useful in case if i need to reinstall windows ?

Thanks for your suggestion

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Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

Hold on, you added user account to your domain for the computer, rather than join the laptops to the domain, and let the user log in with their already existing account?  How's that working out for you?

Regarding maintenance, if all are the same hardware, you can get one loaded and configured as you need, then image it.  There are so many backup options, what you select really depends on how data is used / stored.  In corporate networks, usually the workstation is of little value, as all the valuable data is on network storage.  If you have the opposite scenario, it really depends...do you have any current enterprise backup software running?  Desktop-laptop option agent backups are available through most of the "big boys".  


Sorry, if i wasnt clear..I mean added the workstation laptops to the domain. :)

We dont have any enterprise backup software for the clients, but in our company they save locally on the computers.. but they are inteded to save on the network drives.

how about partitioning them into 2 ? so that in case if we want reimage the pc, we can move the datas to another drive ..

And also, i would like to know, do i need to purchase windows 7 licence again to install on the pcs laptop ?
i can able to create the image the cd come with the materials ?
Sr. Network / Systems Admin
If you are not using network storage for day to day working data, there are a few options...you may want to create, say, a data partition that they save all data to, but you still need to back that up.  
The best solution is dictated by what you need backing up...is it just documents and data in, say, their "My Documents", and grabbing those every night would suffice?  If you really, really need a point-in-time to restore them to should a hard drive fail, I would suggest imaging.  Acronis makes some really cool software related to this.

If you just need to backup their local documents, I'd create scheduled jobs to back up to a network share somewhere, or at least a separate drive (not just partition).
But also, remember, if you create two partitions, and the drive fails, you still loose both partitions.
The two partitions will only work if you have then on separate drives, otherwise, you still have a single point of failure.  On a single drive, and OS partition failing while another partition remains stable is pretty rare.  More often than not, it's the HDD that goes, not just a partition.

Another option is roaming profiles...if you enable roaming profiles, all the documents and settings are loaded onto the share you point this to, so if their machine crashes, all you have to do is reload the OS and applications, they logon, and you have all your user data / settings back.

There are sooo many options available, it really depends on what you are backing up, the size, how critical, etc.  You may want to do something more full proof for, say, HR related things, but not so much for users local MP3 library... :)
noxchoIT Product Manager
Top Expert 2009
I would create Backup Capsule partition at the end of the disk and take there daily of weekly images of user data and system. So once you need it just press Fx key and start recovery.
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