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Open old emails with ".email" file extension with Outlook

acpo asked
I have a user that needs to be able to open old emails that have a ".email" file extension. - he used to use Outlook Express-MSN before (on Windows XP). He uses Windows 7 now and we are able to open them with notepad but the formatting is not the best and easiest to read (more when there are prices and additional numbers involved).

Is there any add-on or plugin that can be used in order to read those old messages in Outlook 2010?

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Information Security Manager
Have you tried the following?

1. When double clicking on the file does it not find a default application to open it with?
2. If you still have a machine with Outlook Express-MSN on it you could try to export the files as .pst
3. Have you tried renaming the file to .eml?
Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

You can also try to rename it to .msg and see if that works.


I tried the 3rd option and it worked. I renamed the file to .eml

Thanks for the help!

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