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mapped drive for a local user keep disconnected

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have a domain with 2003 & a workstation with windows xp. we have 2 different users using the same machine, one is a domain user & the other is a local administrator.

I map a drive to the domain user & it stays mapped forever. But I had to map the drive to the local admin user every day or when he logs off. To map the drive I have to provide the server administrator password that has the folder to be mapped, but I don't want to give this password to the user so he can map the drive everytime when I'm not there.

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On the share, add another user that the local admin can know and type in.  You can also setup a login script for each user, and ultimate lowball, click the "reconnect at logon" when you map.

If the share is on your domain, and the local admin is actually logging in locally to the machine, and not on your domain, you will need another domain account on that share if you wish to not give him the servers admin credentials.  Otherwise, you can just add their domain user to that share, if that's something you want to do.  Sounds like they have access once mapped, anyway, so, comes down to a question of convenience vs. retentive security.

Mugojava's answer is the correct way to proceed, however, if for any reason you do not wish to give the user any domain account details at all you can try this.

Create an account, add the appropriate rights to the share for that account (presumably Full Control as you currently use the Server Admin account) and enter the following into a batch file:

net use x: /user:mydomain\guestuser mypassword

Next, convert this batch file to an exe using Quick Batch File Compiler, http://www.battoexe.com

This exe file can now be added to the Startup folder of the Start Menu or even just dropped on the users desktop.  There is one major drawback with this method though, any time the password for that account is changed the exe file will need to be re-created.


When I checked the folder security it was the user already have permission there, I tried to login, I figured out that I had to login domain/username & then password...  & it worked ... before I used to put the username only & that wasn't working...

Thanks for the help

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