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Date Model Worksheet part Dux

Bright01 asked

I have a very nice worksheet/book that was created by EE Professional SubversiveArmadillo (Philip).  It allows you to put in two dates and it automatically spaces out the worksheet.  I'd like see if I could get some help in making some modifications to this work. Here's what I need help with and I believe may be very simple changes/adjustments;

1.) When changing the date, it needs to erase the previous formatting (to see this simply change the date to an earlier time on the end date and you will see the format linger.

2.) The spacing between each cell needs to be consistent when it adjusts

"Thank you" in advance!


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removing formatting is relatively easy :

Range("6:9").Interior.Pattern = xlNone

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consistent spacing :
Range(Cells(6, 5), Cells(9, dateCount + 4)).Columns.AutoFit

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to this
Range(Cells(6, 5), Cells(9, dateCount + 4)).Columns.ColumnWidth = 3

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as in




Much thanks!  Quick and effective.  I'll be adding a related question in the next hour our so.  Hope you or SA will participate.

Again, thank you,


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