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Reference/citation management tool?

dkim18 asked

Anyone experienced with developing a reference management tool?
Or Have you used any reference management tool?
I found a lot of free one online and I am trying to see if anyone knows or has experience with any tools.

Probably looking for something really cheap or free.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
I know EndNote is used for those writing scientific papers... No idea how widespread it's use is outside that market.


And it's not free... but it should be pretty good/detailed/extensive.
Most Valuable Expert 2013
I use EndNote regualrly it is particulalry good for developing collaboarative papers but, as leew says, is really aimed at academia, where it really scores is by linking into online publishers' databases so it not only indexes but provides hyperlinks to the source.
Refworks (http://www.refworks.com) is a web based citation management tool. Before this came out, Endnote was the best. However, Endnote is a standalone application, i.e., the citation details are only portable when you exported them to portable storage. There is an "Endnote Web" version of the standalone Endnote but it contains less features.  Don't know the price of Refworks. It's worth to try out. Think there is a free trial. The automatic APA formatting and bibliography creation are very powerful.

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