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HP laptop with a corrupted DVD/CD driver.

idmac2 asked
It is an HP DVDWBD TS-LB23L. I have deleted the device in Device mgr but Win7 64bit reports it is unable reinstall the driver. Message "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted of missing (39)". I have tried HP support looking for drivers but no luck. I have other Win 7 64 systems available. I see a CDROM.sys file but am unsure if this will solve  my problem or how to go about it.
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did it just happened or where their some problems earlier , do you have the option to take out the cd rom and test it on some other laptop to check if the cd rom is maybe just broken?


This was a perfect solution. One click and the tool "Mr Fix It" resolved everything.A very speedy response from edbedb too I might add. Thank you.

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