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OAB Errors with Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010

Mach03 asked
Hey Experts,

Your gonna love this, I just acquired a new client that was in currently in the process of moving all their users to Exchange 2010.  As the current moment, they have SBS2003 (Exchange 2003),  Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2010 up and running.  We have moved about 5 users from 07 to 2010 successfully.  The Outlook anywhere work, ActiveSync, autodiscovery DNS is configured properly, ect.  The only issue I'm having is the darn Global Address Book.  I'm receiving the standard "Microsoft Exchange offline address book : 0X8004010F" error.  

I have set the oabVirtualDirectory Internal and External URL(s) to the new settings as well as the - owaVirtualDirectory I & E Urls.  I also made the setting for the "-Exchange2003URL" too.    Still getting a sync error.

After doing some research I could a MS checklist for migrating from 03/07 to 2010.  Which is awesome.  

However, when I get tot he step "Change the OAB generation server" it's talking about moving the OAB from 2003 to 2010.  Again, I'm still receiving the OAB Sync Error, so this won't solve my problem right?  I need to get the Sync errors fixed first... right?

So how do I tell where my Outlook is pointed to get the OAB and whether it has access or not?  I've search around and found a bunch of people with these types of errors, but none of it seems to apply to my situation.  I need to be able to narrow this down and see what's failing?

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Outlook 2007 and later will use the Exchange web services to download the offline address book
By default when migrating from Exchange 2003 the OAB is only available via public folder
You need to create a new OAB and enable web distribution and select your Exchange 2010 CAS server vdir for the OAB


Worked perfectly, thank you!

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