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Dell Management Console does not show PERC or RAID information

dakota5 asked
We have Dell Management Console v2.0.2 running, with OMSA v6.5 on the target servers.
If I remote desktop to a target server, OMSA shows all the details of the perc card (hard drive serial numbers, virtual disk info-- all the deep information).

The target server IS recognized by Dell Management Console as a Dell computer, but DMC only shows basic information for the server.

What could prevent DMC from showing the deeper information?
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1. If the target is a VM or a non dell machine - you cannont see all the information
2. There are several senarios so let me lay them each out.

A. OMSA was already on the machine before you intalled the DMC agent. - you may have to run discovery twice on the machine. after running twice you may then have to do an agentless discovery to finalize the transaction. this was due to an early problem with the altiris agent  and the OMSA agent

B. snmp was not intalled before intallin OMSA or the symantec agent. you may have to reinstall OMSA and the symantec agent and then rediscover and reinventory.

C. WMI is not working for netork,firewall,or target reasons. - run wbemtest from start->run-> from the DMC box and hit connect. in the top line put in \\Target_ip_address\root\cimv2\dell . You can even jsut try to connect to "root" if this fails then you have to correct the WMI connectivity between DMC and the target. from the target machine run wbemtest and then connect- then put in \\ipaddress\root\ and connect . the test needs to work to the target and on the target.

D. If all this is done and you still dont have connectivity you can try to use the trroubleshooting.msi tool iin the support folder of the DMC dvd. run test to make sure port 135 (WMI) and 443 and 161 and 162 (SNMP) ports are all open in both directions.

E. Reboot the DMC server and run another discovery and inventory.

F. Remove OMSA and the symantec agent from the target and reinstall snmp and turn the firewall off and then install both again and set SNMP traps properly - try the dicovery and inventory again - with a final agentless discovery and it has no chance of failing or you have a network issue.

I hope this helps.



Thank your for the detailed answer.

1.   I can connect using WMI from the DMC server to the target (to cmv2\dell)
I can connect from the target machine to the DMC server (to \root.  There does not appear to be a cmv2 directory on that path on the DMC server.

I think that I have connected correctly and that I misunderstand what the DMC will show.

In OMSA I can drill down to the PERC card and see the serial numbers and the configuration of the raid.  I can blink a hard drive or take it offline.

In DMC  Manage Tab | all computers | dell computers, I see two computers that I discovered.
If I double click one, I can see dell agent health status, and an event console.  But no links to fan speed or storage devices like the PERC card.

Can DMC be used to do everything that OMSA does, or for real time monitoring, is there a GUI that shows details like OMSA does?

By the way, is this the best zone for Management Software?  I've read through the DMC documentation, but I have some questions on discovery and on setting events that I'll submit as separate questions.


Actually, I don't think DMC is connecting to the servers through OMSA.  I think the server information is coming back through the Symantec Mgmt Agent.

How do I test specifically for an OMSA connection from DMC to a target server.


I don't think that Dell Management Studio does replicate the information provided by OMSA residing on the servers.  DMC manages event notification that depends on OMSA.  To get a real-time OMSA view, you must use OMSA.

Not sure, but I believe this is an accurate description.

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