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How to read a motorola i856 from my PC

jsarinana asked
I have a USB cable, when I plug into PC and phone, modem driver gets installed. What I want is to read the SIM card so I can download the pictures that are on the help.
Any suggestions?
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larry urbanDevOps Engineer

An i856 uses memory cards.  You need to select the picture, hit menu, then copy to card, then you can take your memory card out and use a card reader on your computer.  You will need a micro sd to sd adapter if you do not currently have one.  You may have one in your phone box.

You can also e-mail them to an e-mail address, type the e-mail address in the to: field instead of a phone number.


Hope that helps.

See pages 127 and 128 "Connecting your phone to your computer"

The picture does need to be on the memory card, but you can download it directly from the phone to your computer, once you set it correctly.

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