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All contacts in outlook 2007 address book disapeared

siggy9 asked
All of my contacts just disappeared from my address book. I am using outlook 2007. the contact folder still shows up in the folder list but has no contacts in it.

Only change that I can think of is we created a distribution list yesterday. The outlook data files are stored in my personal folder on the server.(It is not an exchange account)

Any help would be apreciated
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Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging Support


If you have the backup you can restore it...

Also, try outlook /resetfolders

Also, try to check the view in Outlook and select list
I tried your solutions with no success. I think I should bention that the email still works fine (not missing any messages, send and recieve still works fine)
The client was using the wrong data file. Somehow outlook got pointed to a data file that was created a long time ago before she set up her contacts


I had to figure out the solution myself

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