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DHCP Scope Reservation Only

I am trying to setup a new dhcp scope that will only issues an address if it create a reservation.  Is there a way to do that?
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What OS and what DHCP server?
Wait, just noticed this is in the Server 2008 zone, sry, so here we go :)

Create a scope and create your reservations.

Then in the scope address pool define an exclusion range, which will be your whole scope range.


But if i exclude the range, will the reservation addresses that are within that scope work?

Yes :)

Excludes only exclude the addresses from "public" giveaways.

If a reservation is in the exclusion range, it will still be given out.

For example, one of my servers:

pool: -

exclusion: -
exclusion -

I have about 12 reservations in the range

So "public" PCs get addresses from

But whats reserved gets assigned what its typed in the reservation, as long as its within the pool
You will end up with an eventlog full of DHCP events

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