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How to add in the "Services" in the breadcrum?

lapucca asked
It's missing the menu item Servcies where this page comes from.  How can I get that back into the breadcrum?  Thanks.
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There's probably a thousand different ways to change the breadcrumbs so it contains the appropriate bits, and probably only one or two that are actually fit your particular website & situation.  In order for anyone to properly answer this question, we need to know more about the code behind the site:

 * is it using a framework?
 * can you provide sample code that builds the breadcrumbs?

This is a pretty open question, so we need more info.


sorry, I'm a beginner with Drupal so the question seems very open.  Mostly what I want to fix besides the breadcrum it's the Service block(vertical menu) on the left.  I want it to list the child nodes under Services and not under the Neurosurgery.  

I haven't looked at the code.  I've only been working in the cms.  I was wondering if there is a place under the menus where I can go to fix this.  Thank you.
I'm not familiar with Drupal at all (nor do I intend to become so any time soon).  Hopefully another expert will pick up on this that has some experience with that CMS.  Good luck!

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