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View replication sql server 2008

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Hi ,

I am new to the replication . Can some one tell what are the advantages of view replication and If I replicate a view or a proc and If I change the definition of same view and proc will the definition of the changed view or proc will change in replicated server also

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SQL Server DBA
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If you are replicating views, the base tables also needs to be replicated. In transactional replication if the view is indexed, you can even replicate the view as a table without replicating the base tables.

The advantage is mainly for Indexed views in transaction replication, suppose you need to replicate sales summary information across the subscribers with out being replicating the base table, you can create an indexed view with sales summary in Publisher then later you can replicate this indexed view across the subscribers with out replicating the base tables.

Answer for the third question, Changes occurs at the views will be replicated across all subscribers.

Also if the procedure or view is created with encryption, this cannot be replicated.

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