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Network discovery app

IT_Fanatic asked
Can anyone recommend a good network discovery app for iPad and iPhone.
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Do you mean an app that will list all the devices on the same network/subnet as you?
Try "scany" if thats the case, plus it does a lot more !


Will this list all PC's, printers, servers etc.. That is what I am looking for
Mine happily lists PC's, laptops and mobile devices/phones on the network. I honestly couldn't say about printers as I have none to check !
I don't see why it wouldn't do servers as well, given that they are just another PC with IP address and hostname.
It's currently on the app store for $1.29 (instead of the usual $5.99) for the next few hours so well worth a look I reckon


Thanks. you should also try Fing and inet pro. Tried them yesterday and they are good. I am not really sure how to use scany. I just type the ip of the dns and only the sonicwall came up. No computer or anything else.
Yeh, its takes a bit of working out, I've got it to do what I require, but I know it does loads more, I'm just not sure how! Could really do with an instruction manual for it !
I use it primarily when I'm out on site and don't have access to a DHCP server - it lists all hosts and IP addresses on the LAN.
From the start screen, create a new group, then click on that group
There's a button that says "Scan new host" - ignore that !
In the top right is a "curly arrow" icon (underneath your battery icon) - press this
You can now enter in a range of IP addresses to scan, select ports/services etc
Once the scan has completed you can select devices individually, ping, trace, or WoL them


Thanks for the advice

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