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Microsoft Office Excel 2010 - Read Only Mode with Password

drews77 asked
I have changed from Office 2003 to Office 2010.   With Office 2003 I could place the excel sheet in READ-ONLY mode and password protect it.    That way everyone could read but only an employee with the password could change.    I dont see a way to do that with Office 2010.  I can only password protect entire file.  
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In Excel 2010, click the 'Review' menu tab at the top.
You'll now see an option to Protect Sheet - here you can select exactly what you want to allow everyone to do. If you untick every box, users will only have read only access to the spreadsheet. Create a password, re-enter it and save the spreadsheet.
Now, in order to change anything, the spreadsheet will have to be made unprotected (again from the Review tab)


If I untick all then it want let me click OK.   If I tick all (which 'protects' the structure and windows) and enter password it should lock out changes.   Mine doesn't.  I can still change and save... then when I reload the changes were saved, which they shouldnt be.   Then I go back in the Protect Sheet and it ask me to enter password the Unprotect... Odd...

FYI, I'm running on trial version.
Are you sure you're selecting the "Protect Sheet" option, and not "protect Workbook"

The structure and windows option is under protect workbook, which isn't the one you want to be using


Trying to protect entire file/workbook.  The file we are locking has 20-30 workbooks.

Sorry, I'm not quite sure I understand. The file you want to protect has 20-30 workbooks - do you mean it has 20-30 sheets?
Please check you use the right terminology so that we understand what you are trying to do - A file (*.xls) is a workbook that contains one or more worksheets.
You can either password protect the entire workbook(file) or individual worksheets within that workbook

You can add a read-only/modify password at save time - this protects the entire workbook(file)
Click File -> Save As
Type a name for the file
Click on Tools (next to the save button)
Select "General options"
Enter a password in the "Password to modify" section
Click OK
Click Save
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