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Scan to email on Phaser 6180MFP-N, not fucional.

Its just an ISP connected to dlink router, then cat5 to Phaser 6180MFP-N.

I did a port check and all are open.

The email are rackspace, so smtp.emailsrvr.com - port 25 or secure.emailsrvr.com port 465.

The printer says (25, 5000 - 65535), so I assume it doesnt allow SSL.  I have tryed every lvl of SMTP AUTH available...

so return email

smtp server addy- smtp.emailsrvr.com
smtp server port - 25
login - user1@domain.com

stated unable to connect

the pop with user1@domain.com works fine
stated "ready"

DNS is stated as and IP is fine through dhcp, as well, I even opned port 25 on router just to be sure.

any ideas?
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Has the printer been given an email address on the ISP? Without that the printer won't be able to send.

To test, try giving the printer your email address and other settings, as per your email program. If that works then there is something wrong with the printer's email settings, which we'll need to figure out.


I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no help

Can you at least try to give answers to the questions I asked and the test I suggested? Just saying "no help" does not help anyone, least of all you.


He asked me to enter my email.  I clearly stated that I did that in the OP.

I dont know what "Has the printer been given an email address on the ISP?" means.

But one answer telling me to do what I did in the OP, means "no help" to me.  
When I asked you to give the printer your email address, I meant "give it the email address that you use yourself when sending email". We know that your email address is working; if you give the printer the same email address, that eliminates one variable.

Giving the printer an email address on the ISP means that you should add the printer's email address to the list of your addresses your ISP recognises. If you don't do that, the ISP may assume the email is from an invalid address and discard it. Again, giving the printer your email address would eliminate that variable, as your address obviously works with the ISP.