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Server 2008, Windows 7, Offline Files and Backup

At home I am running Windows Server 2008 on a file server of mine in a RAID 5 configuration.  I have all of the Documents / Pictures / etc. on all of the client machines in my house redirected to the server.  I am running Crash Plan on the server that backups up all of the redirected files to another PC that is offsite.  

I just purchased a new PC for myself and I have a question.  Is it worth enabling offline files and increasing the limit to store all of my files offline on my new PC?  The reason that I am considering this if for additional backup purposes.  I figure that if something horrible happens to my server and I lose all the information that I will still have a "backup" of my files that are stored as offline files on my personal PC that could be restored to another PC / server.  Is this a valid assumption and would you enable offline files or disable it?
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You can never have too many backups.
I agree with chompishk, having more backups is better than not having enough in case some kind of disaster was to ever happen, I would say its a valid assumption and I would enable offline files on the win 7 pc so you can still read and make changes to data when server is not available, etc.

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