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Windows 2003 Domain controller, active directory &  a setup at medium scale company

Hi All,
I have been asked for help by my friend who deals in hardware to setup medium scale company with Windows 2003 64 bit servers, Domain controller, Active Directory and SQL server 2005 databases.

Basically this company is currently using Linux RHEL for server and they are struggling with technical issues. They have off-shored many things and they are not getting service they need. Due to recession they can hire staff cheaply and they want to move to Windows setup with their own staff.
Currently they do have some people working on windows and they feel more comfortable doing that than Linux. I won't blame them.

My question is -
Does anyone here have setup document for Windows domain ? Their setup will include around 25 workstations and 8-10 servers.

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all server editions have a built in exe file call dcpromo, you will want to run that to promote one of your servers that will act as the domain controller, then once the DC is configured accordingly to your domain environment needs, you can then join other servers/workstations to domain but there can only be one domain controller obviously. I do not have a document but I know there are plenty of them online, a wealth of info

Make sure you are using 2008R2
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect

If your company has less than 50 users then consider using Windows SBS (Small Business Server)
Licensing should work out cheaper since it's bundled with Exchange and Sharepoint.

Setup of a domain is as simple as running the DCPROMO command or add the Domain Controller role in the Manage Server applet.

Instructions for Windows 2003 can be found here, the same pretty much applies to SBS and W2K8R2.

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