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Backup Exec 2010 R3 not showing Resources Selections

Fubr asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have installed backup Exec 2010 R3 on a 2008 R2 server (our backup server). And we have an Exchange 2003 server (running server 2003) with the exchange agent installed and been backing it up for the last couple months. Been able to include/exclude items, restore items no problem.

Couple days ago, I installed the windows agent on a second server (2008 R2), and updated the agent and added the computer on the backup server. Now when I go into Backup Exec and try to add to the Backup job, in the Selections, the “View By Resource” tab is grayed out. Not letting me do anything??

The backup job still runs (from the first server), but I can’t access anything to change or restore.
If I try to redirect the restore to a folder. I get the same grayed out “All Resources” and won’t let me drill down to save the target.

I was able to do all this before (edit selection,restore, redirect to folder…etc), but since I added the second server, I’m like lock out….

Anyone have any input on this?

Thanks in advance

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Just got off the phone with Symantec.
We resolved this issue by recreating the backup exec logon account (services) and re-appling it in to the backup exec services

Making sure it was added to the Domain Admin, Backup Operators group.
Something must have miss up when I added the second server with the remote agent.

Now I can restore, added jobs, and see all network computers from resources selections.

Life is good

Thanks, hope this helps someone

I've got the exact same issue; can you clarify what you mean when you say 'recreate the backup exec logon account'?

I created a backup logon, made it a member of DA, Backup Op, etc but no joy. I cannot see any resource details in existing lists in use for backups (which still run by the way) or for any new ones I wish to create.
Forget my last post; I removed then re-added the domain account for the services and it seems to have worked, resources are now visible.
FubrIT Admin


The account you setup went you install backup exec. (either a account your created in advanced or the admin account).  Go to Tools > Backup Exec Services > Enter the Service Credentials,  and remove and reset the Service credentials (user account) for the Backup Exec services.

Also, seems like I read some where to make sure the Backup exec user account has a working email account also. (one that has received email).

Here is some of the documents Symantec sent me:



Hope this helps