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Trying to Remote Desktop from behind a Proxy Server

JayDee1535 asked
I'm trying to connect to my home network from a remote location. I was told about Team Viewer, a Remote Desktop program, and have it set up at home (as well as having my router set up for port forwarding) and have tried to use it at the remote location, but I'm getting a "Please check your internet connection" error. My remote location is behind a proxy server, and I have set up Team Viewer with the proxy information, but it still is unable to get out past the LAN. I'm guessing I might need a username and password for the proxy, but there's no way my server guys would give me that info. Is there any other way I would be able to get to my home network either with or without Team Viewer?
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Try using VNC... The free version is available at:

You might have better luck with that program than team viewer...
The free version is probably good enough, with more features available on the Personal or Enterprise versions for a small upcharge.

You will also need to port forward the appropriate ports (5900) at the home location.

I use TeamViewer and you shouldn't need to setup any port forwarding at home, but the proxy server could cause a problem. You could try LogMeIn (free for personal use). It's similar to TeamViewer in that it doesn't require any firewall changes, but it can use a web browser as the client interface by accessing their web site. Since your browser is already setup to work with the proxy server (I'm assuming this is the case), then this might be your best bet.

Hope this helps.
try logmein


Haven't had a chance to check out VNC, but the website for LogMeIn is blocked by my proxy. =\
It sounds like your proxy server is setup to block remote access applications. If your firewall is setup to not allow applications to bypass the proxy, then you may be out of luck unless you can find another remote access tool that is web based that isn't blocked by your proxy.

Have you tried accessing LogMeIn's web site via an external proxy or anonymizing server? Not sure those type of sites would be allowed by your proxy either, but it's worth a shot.

Do you know of any Internet traffic that doesn't need to go through the proxy server? Usually something like SSH would be something that could bypass the proxy. You could setup an SSH server at home and then SSH from your work computer to your home computer (creating an SSH tunnel) and then use something like Microsoft's built-in Remote Desktop (RDP) or VNC (or any other remote access application) to access your home computer however you want to.

I did this when I was working somewhere that blocked a lot of outbound ports and I wanted to be able to RDP to some servers at a remote location without needing to get the firewall folks to make any changes. I used FreeSSHD as the server and then I used Bitvise Tunnelier as the client. Bitvise Tunnelier will make it pretty easy to setup the tunnel and then setup port forwarding within the SSH tunnel. There are a ton of tutorials out there for setting up SSH tunneling and using remote access apps across SSH tunnels.

Hope this helps.
sounds like your IT people know what they are doing in terms of restricting staff access. After all - if I was the IT manager at a bank I wouldnt want staff installing logmein!

However - you can setup a logmein account on another PC and then download the installer to take with you - however I would expect that it (and other similar apps) will still be blocked

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