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Creating Global Groups or Domain Local Groups

Simon336697 asked
Hi guys hope you are all well and can assist.

Id like some advice.

We have an AD 2003 domain.

1 parent domain and 1 child domain.

The parent domain is a placeholder domain only.

I need to create around 60 groups, which will house users that are located in the child domain.
The purpose of these groups is for adding users into one of these groups based on what country they reside in. So each group is a country group.

What I want to know is should I create these groups as

Domain Local Groups


Global Groups

And a reason as to why I should create one over the other, and in what cases would it be necessary to create these groups as either domain local or global?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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hi mate ,

You can use this link to enlighten you.

to keep everything simple i would put universal , as i do :)
Top Expert 2013
He probably doesn't need universal, in essence he is running a single domain (empty root).  I'd personally just use domain local groups just on the off chance you may want to add accounts from the other domain at some point but really each is fine in this scenario.




Hi guys, thanks for your help.
Mike, you are right. We are in essence running a single domain, since that is where all your users are. We just use the parent as a placeholder. When you say we may wish to add accounts from the other domain at some point, is that because global groups, if created in our child domain, cannot accept users that reside in the other domain?


Thanks to everyone.

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