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dns issue

kurajesh asked
I have win 2008 DC and we are facing a dns issue.

how can we create NS records to point  site eg: "webdev.skyarabia.com" point to ns4.webdev.skyarabia.com
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that wont work -
if the ns for webdev.skyarabia.com points to ns4.webdev.skyarabia.com then in order to find the ns IT WOULD NEED TO LOOKUP webdev.skyarabia.com - which it cant do without getting to the NS.

but you can put additional A records or mx records etc in your skyarabia.com domain without needing to make a NS for webdev.skyarabia.com
Top Expert 2011

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
kurajeshSenior Systems Analyst


nslookup resolves skynews.com but when anyone outside from our network try to ns.webdev.skynews.com he gets error message
53 blocked
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Your original question was about skyarabia.com, but now you mention skynews.com ?  Which one is it?
you can also create alias cname record for the webdev.skyarabia.com that would also point to ns4.webdev.skyarabia.com resolving the same ip address.

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