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additonal mailbox new email alert pop up message

CRL ltd
CRL ltd asked

We have a customer running SBS 2008 Exchange SP1 with Office 2010 on client PC's.
I have a couple of questions if anyone can help and advise.

1 is there any way for when they have open an additional mailbox in their Outlook for it to display a new message preview in the corner for they way it does when an new email arrives in their default mailbox?

2. Second is it worth upgrading to Exchange SP2 on their SBS 2008 server?
Reason I ask is they have had a problem recently with a certain few emails not even arriving at the exchange server at all even when I go into message tracking exchange has no track to say the message has even arrived as was wondering if SP2 is worth putting on to improve reliability? does it really matter if their mx record is set to 50 instead of 10 as the priority as they only have the one a-record and mx record setup??

Or if anyone has any other views on this problem the email is getting to the users hotmail but not the exchange server but the majority of daily external email is arriving at the exchange fine so the customer is losing confidence in the way email is working with the Exchange server and worried what other email may not be arriving.

Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Many Thanks in advance.
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not sure whether SP2 will help your "reliability" - but the improved auditing features may be of benefit if you're not seein all you need in the tracking logs.  I would suggest though - that if there is nothing in tracking - the email may not actually be getting to your exchange server at all.

Do you have any upstream anti-spam? this may be blocking it.

One other thing to consider is "max hops" on your emails - if the mails you are not getting are going through more than (IIRC) 10 mail relays before getting to you (something that can happen with emails from large organisations that may go throuh a number of security gateway), the email may be getting dropped before it gets to you.  Email servers have a max hops setting that prevents an email getting into an endless loop due to a misconfiguration of mail routing.

I'd be checking headers on the emails to see what's going on - your ISP should also be able to tell you if mail traffic is getting to your site if you have no way of telling yourself.

MX of 50 shouldn't matter -so long as there are no other MXs in there

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