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carrying laptop on intl air travel

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generally the airlines allow 2 checkins and one carry one..

does the carry on include the laptop?
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does not say anything about laptop
i recently flew with air asia.
we were allowed one carry on bag AND one laptop bag. I was surprised as I always thought it was ONE bag - and who cared what was in it.

you will really need to check with your airline.
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You should read this first: http://boingboing.net/2008/02/07/tsa-confiscating-lap.html   And this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-9892897-38.html   When you cross international borders, you may find that you have No right of privacy and your computer can be scanned for anything that is deemed illegal.  Your computer can also be confiscated while they inspect it.

Someone suggested that a 'travel' computer should not have anything personal on it and contain nothing beyond what is required for the work you're doing.
If you are carrying it, then yes - it is generally considered to be a carry-on bag or item. To clarify and reiterate, If your computer fits in your pocket, it is not considered a carryon, but if you have to carry it, then YES it's a carryon bag.

(I travel often and deal with this question a fair bit)



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