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i need a Technical opinion about the Condition from my external hard drive

bill201 asked

I have a Hard drive That i used It for backup but i need that the disk will be in a good situation that i will can trust the backups.
i use the software CrystalDiskInfo to get the disk conditon i will be very thankfull if someone with thecnial experience will recommend if it's in enough safe condition for backups... i attach the report in the picture file

and i have another question i have still insurance for this harddrive do you think that insurance will give me a new disk... Report
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Since this is a  Seagate HDD you may want check the drive with Seatools http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools which if the drive fails vital test will also give you an error code which you can supply when asking for the drive to be replaced during the rma porcess. If it were me I would replace the drive if there is the slightest doubt it may fail - I understand this may only be a backup drive - but what if the backup is needed one day and the drive fails at that very crucial moment. HDDs are fairly cheap at this time - larger and higher performing than the drive you are considering to become a  interesting paperweight


thanks a lot for your help