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Can't find wireless network at work or on train

COBOLforever asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Hi EE'rs,
I have been using my HP Presario for 3 years - has worked great on wireless. I cannot remember anything changing except maybe a windows update that would have caused me not to see the wireless network at work or on the train anymore. I can connect at home and at coffee shop no problem. Ideas?  Thanks.
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So you do not see any wireless network at your house but you do the coffee shop? If this is the case, can you verify that other devices can see your wireless network? If they can not, the check your Access Point.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
It could be their problem and not yours.  I assume you're looking in the "Available Wireless Networks" list.  Do a refresh to make sure you get the current list.  At work you can find out where the wireless router is and take your computer close to it to see if you can see it in the list and connect to it.  I don't know about the train.
it might have happened that you pullled down a 'new' driver for your wirelsss card via windows updates - you can check on that in your windows updates history. I have seen problems with certain drivers for Atheros cards - typically the rememdy is easy by rolling back the driver to the prior one and all should be back to normal.

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