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key fell off my keyboard

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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
One of my keys fell off from my Lenovo T43 laptop and I don't know how to replace the key back in place.
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Keith BrownAWS System Administrator

If it doesn't pop back on, then it isn't going back on. You may have to replace the entire keyboard.
usually pretty easy - but depends if the keycap or platic retaining clip has been dmaged - "big keys" like shift or space also have a metal bar.

Quick google turned up a good photo guide that may help

good luch

If the key fell off once it will most likely fall off again - the plastic material does wear over time - especially if it is a frequently used key. A quick serach returned ressults in the < $ 40 range for a replacment keyboard http://www.laptop-keyboard-shop.com/ibm/ibm-thinkpad-t43-keyboard - not a difficult thing to change out and it just may also make the machine look a lot nicer again. When in doubt I tend to replace hardware that could cause problems at the most inconveient moment. e.g figure yoiu had to give a presntation ot type an email real quick and no key - ouch.
depends on your desire to spend money - you can often sacrifice another key to keep you going (most common fault is a broken retaining clip)  most of the keys are identicalm and there will be keys you never use... !

it's probably broken. get a new one on ebay and search on youtube on how to replace it. usually it's not very difficult.
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No need to replace the keyboard => you can buy the individual replacement key and retainer clip here:

Note:   If the key itself is fine, you can buy just rhe retainer clip;  but I'd suggest buying the set (the complete key/retainer clip set is ~ $4.49).

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