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I only know man day, how to auto convert to calender day

As attached, the 44 days is man working days, how to auto convert to calender day, 5man day=7 calender day, thanks.
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First have a look here:
Project 2010 - Changing Calendar

If you use  Project Server you need to go to "Server Settings --> Enterprise Data --> Enterprise Calendars". Edit the Calender you want to use and it will open in Project Professional.
Now, if you wish to have a 7 Day week, just remove the limitation from Saturdays and Sundays as it is setted to non working time and make them working days by applying 8hrs per day woking time just as you have it in Mondy to Friday.
If you dont want to change your standard calendar you are free to define a new one on project Server with your prefered settings and working times.

For Project Professional you can use varous ways to achieve your goal. One would be to change the calendar settings in "File --> Options --> Schedule". Another way would be to work with Resource Calendars.

If you want to track Machine time you could also use "edays" (1 ed = 1 elapsing day - in German its "ft" for "fortlaufende Tage") instead of days (same for weeks and month) which calculates 24hours per day. eWeeks will calculate 7 days a week with 24 hours a day and so on.

I hope this helps you solving your issue.


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