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adding exchange 2007 with exchange 2003 unable to send to external recepients

greatnfake asked
I am starting to migrate an exchange 2003 server to another exchange 2007 server. I moved a mailbox over to the exchange 2007 server and I am able to send and receive internally. I am able to receive from external email domains. But I am unable to sent or reply to external email domains, such as hotmail. I added the * in the address space for the send connector but no results.

The error received on the 2007 sender is: Expired; message expired in unreachable destination queue. Reason: A matching connector cannot be found to route the external recipient

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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do you have a filter or firewall server?


I assume on the 2003 exchange server. I don't have any firewall on that server or the exchange 2007. Not sure about the filters on the 2003 but the 2007 is a fresh install. I believe it has something to do with how the 2003 routes back to 2007. I am able to telnet out of the 2007 to external smtp servers. Is it possible to route incoming email from the 2003 to the 2007 server?
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging Support


Please try with the following options and let see can fix it or not:

Go to EMC in exchange 2007

Hub transport server -> Default connector -> Properties -> permission groups - Set anonymous and legacy exchange servers.
This could be because you are still sending outbound mail via E2K3 and have not configured the send connector scope accordingly.

1.  Go to Exchange System Manager on E2K3 > Browse to your internet SMTP connector
2.  Go to properties of the SMTP connector > Address Space tab > Connector Scope
3.  Change scope from Routing Group to Entire Organizaion
4.  Give AD replication some time to happen
5.  Restart Exchange Transport Service on E2K10
6.  Queues for the unreachable domains should go away

If your running the out of the box exchange 2007 routing group connector then these often cause issues. I would delete the rgc and create two new ones to handle internal traffic to and from exchange 2003. While the rgc exists, your existing 2003 server can continue routing mail externally.


Sekar: I tried your suggestions for the permissions but no change.

infin: The Connector Scope is already set to Entire Organization. No change

Radweld: I deleted and recreated the RGC. No change
Found the answer. I had to add the and internet send connector with putting * in the SMTP address space. This is in addition to the internal 2003 send connector.

My next problem is being able to access the exchange 2007 server for external active sync. So far I setup a new DNS host record with mx1.domain.com pointing to the internal 2007 server. Also, I have updated the host provider to point to the mx1.domain.com and tested. The firewall is has the ports for activesync, http, and https opened for the new 2007 server as well. OWA is enabled on the server and can access it internally and activesync as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Changed the NAT policys, firewall exception rules and ports on the firewall and now able to access both exchange 2003 and 2007.


Found the answer leading to adding an extra send connector for internet only.

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