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Stop Outlook from re-downloading after reinstalling Outlook after computer crash

Hi Expert User,

My Computer crashed, but I was able to recover my data. I bought a new hard drive and re installed my operating system and then installed my Microsoft Office 2007 with SP2.  I configured Outlook 2007 to download my pop3 godaddy email. Fortunately I was able to recover the pst file. I imported the 9gb PST file back. I know it is big but i need it. Unfortunately on my godaddy account unlimited pop3/imap email mailbox has 3.99 GB. I don't want to re-download all 3.99 GB all over again. Unfortunately I painfully waited to download all 3.99 gb but it failed after 1.6gb. Then starts all over. I was wondering if there is anyway on outlook to find the index on pop3 account or some setting to only download last 4 days of emails. but still keep my emails on the godaddy server. I sometime use my web-mail.  Basically I have to create a new outlook profile and import the old PST file. Then press send and receive. Then it says it is downloading 34.686 messages.

I hope there is a solution.  PLEASE HELP ME.
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