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Controlling the "on fast networks, connect using http first" setting for Outlook Anywhere

Julian123 asked
Is there any way to uncheck the "on fast networks" and the "on slow networks" options administratively using a setting on the Exchange server?
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Senior Solutions Architect
That is a client only setting,
You could change it via a script run against the client, but nothing from the server can be set to apply the change to all users.

Why would you need to manage the setting?
Microsoft's definition of a slow network is line speed lower than 512K.
So any LAN attached users will not use RPC-over-HTTP unless on a slow link or where you have "On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP/
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Madan SharmaConsultant
you can do it by GPO from your DC
just download the ADM for office 2007 (12.0) & office 2010 (14.0) form the following link
1. Extect these on your DC in a folder
2. Goto Group Policy Management
3. Go to group policy object and create new one
4. Right click on new created policy click edit
5. Go to User Configuration and right click on Administrative Templates and click on add/remove template
6. Go to your extracted office ADM and select outlook ADM for both outlook 2007/2010 and click on ok
7. Now you will see classic ADM and under it outlook-2007 / outlook 2010
Now you can Apply almost all the settings to user using GPO.

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