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HTPC PSU question

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have built the following HTPC using the barebones of an old business workstation:

Core 2 Duo E6700
1x 7200 RPM SATA HDD
1x BluRay Combo
1x PCI-e TV Tuner
1x PCI Digital Sound Card

Currently just using a very old graphics card, and it needs to be upgraded to support BluRay playback - however, this is in a propriety (ie Dell) case, so the PSU is not upgradeable.

The PSU is 240W, rated @ 80%.

My current graphics choices are:
ATI: 6450/6570/6670.

Using PSU calculators, I can see that the current setup, including the workstation gfx card, puts the machine at approx 237W, which I believe to be unrealistic, as the manufacturer would not supply a PSU that is only *just* covering the required Wattage.

The 6450 will put the recommended PSU size at 247W, and the 6570 a little bit above.

Please let me know if you think placing a 6670 in my currently described build would work with my current PSU.

Watch Question

What chipset is in your computer right now?  If it's a G45, then Bluray decoding is built into the integrated graphics hardware already.  In fact, I'm using a Dell Studio with G45 as my HTPC with Bluray.

That said, all the Dells Optiplex at work have a 250W PSU, IIRC, and have Radeon 2400 XT, Radeon 3450, or Radeon 4550 or something along those lines.  The TDP of these GPUs are all around 20-30 watts.

The TDP of three that you have chosen are:
6450 -- 25W
6570 -- 45W
6670 -- 70W

I think it will be safest to stick with the 6450 because of the lower TDP and because its TDP is closest to what Dell typically sells as upgrades.  If all you're doing is Bluray, anything above is probably going to be superfluous anyway.


Hi quality answer, fast response - thank you!

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