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I need a open source web application for creating Request for Proposals - is there any available?

I need to generate many request for proposals and interact with various vendors. It is desired that the vendors should be able to login to the application,  so that they can directly enter data into the System.

When all the vendors have filled in their data i should be able to generate a comparative statement quickly. In  case I need to get some new information I will add that information in RFP and all vendors should be sent email alerts - so that they can enter the relevant information.

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You could use the various CMS management tools to create the forms etc. To suit your needs.
Your need is too narrow/specific.

This type of thing requires extensive customization as well as coming up with business rules, etc. on which basis reports/data is analyzed.


I have decided to go for development of custom application as there were no open source tools/applications which could be used as a base for upscaling.

Thank you all for your comments.


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arnold gave you the suggestions to do the exact thing you are deciding to do.   He should get the grade

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