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Help with installing Drupal v7.9

I need help with installing the latest version of Drupal (7.9) on my web hosting site. I am getting the following error:
Fatal error: Interface 'DatabaseStatementInterface' not found in /home/kateron1/public_html/drupal_v7.9/includes/database/prefetch.inc on line 22
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Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

This seems to me like faulty installation files. Try downloading it again and trying the installation from scratch. You can download it here.


okay i will try it again. Also, to say that I am a newbie to Drupal is an understatement as well as trying to host my own site so forgive the ignorance here regarding this inquiry, but to get it up and running on my site I use Filezilla just upload the files right? its not like I actually can run an installation? The reason I am asking is because I use justhost.com as my web hosting service and the reason i got Drupal initially was because I read good things about it and it was available for install through the Cpanel. So, I just clicked on the install drupal button and bada bing bada boom it was loaded. Now, I cannot seem to find this same location so I downloaded the latest version and attempted to simply upload the files and then access the drupal_7.9 folder via my browser to see if I can see the Drupal console and no luck. I have just now started using Drupal dude tutorials but sometimes i cannot find specific info I am looking for on there which is why I am using EE. Thanks, your help is appreciated.
Information Security Manager
Yes you should be able to just upload the latest files. Although there should also be a way to upgrade to the latest version using your cpanel.

It should be under fantastico depending on what your service provider uses.


aaaarrrrggghhhh - damn that's right FANTASTICO. Cheese and f-ing Rice I can't believe I forgot that. Yep that was it. Thanks brother. Now I just gotta sit down and go over a plethora of Drupal tutorials so I can figure this CMS thing out to build my site. If you have any suggestions regarding other great tutorials that would be great.

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