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Something better than Terminal Services on a 2000 Server?

Is there a better technology out there to run Terminal Services other than a more updated version of Terminal Services or what is now called RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Is there a service or software that is better or more practical that will allow multiple login sessions like TS to an existing 2000 Server?
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Hi ZionTech1

There is other ways of achieving "remote application". There is for example "Citrix". The RDP on Server 2008 allows for "Remote APP" - only opening the required app without the interactive desktop and the list probably goes on. The problem you have is that Server 2000 (32bit I assume) is restricted to to the amount of memory it can allocate. I your organization is not big (less than 10 TS users) I suppose it does not really matter. I have worked with Citrix before and it works well. The problem is it does not setup as easily as TS. User will probably struggle with the different look and feel (As we all know users can't/won't really accommodate change).
My advise is not inline with your question, but I will advise going to Windows Server 2008 R2 for a better Solution without you having to change the look and feel for the end user. If you are adventurous you can try Citrix.....I'm not sure if it is compatible with Server 2000.
Ehab SalemIT Manager
Why do you want something different?
Anyhow the best tool for remote application running is Citrix, but it comes at a price.
I think also Symantec PC anywhere allows multipe sessions, but I have only tried it with Windows XP.
Zion PhilPresident


Thanks for the consensus guys. I was exploring options for a client that asked do simply the age of the system in place. i asked the same question "What is it not doing now that you need it to do?".

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