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Lotus Notes inbox/sent box mail disapper with sorting view

denilson1 asked
Some of my users are having problem with their Lotus Notes view. When they just open the Inbox without any sorting, there is no problem and all mail shown. Once they try to sort the mails by 'Who', 'Date' or whatever, mails older than few days all disappear. And comes back after cancel all sorting view.
I believe those mail do exist in the nsf file. I tried to run ' load updall mail\xxx.nsf' in the Domino server and right click -> Fixup on users' maill database file. Both not work.

Can anybody advice how to fix this?
The Lotus Domain server is using v7.0.2 and all Lotus Notes client is also v7.0.2

Let me know if you need any further information.
Thank you very much.
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Try indexing the database from database properties and replace design of the database (last option).



Hi madheeswar,

May I know how to "indexing the database from database properties"?
I won't think this is the appropriate way to do this. But you can give it a try. Select the Mail db and gotot File->Db->Properties.
In the third or fourth tab, click on Create Index. Give some time for indexing and after that you can try doing filter in the columns.

Sometimes, it would be the issue with user experience. You would be sorting on Unread or Read emails and expecting filter not working. You can try filtering in All documents and see if there are any issues.

I'd rebuild the database's view indexes first: open the db and press CTRL + SHIFT + F9
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Can you upgrade? R8.5.3 is available.

R7 is no longer in active support anyway, and R7.0.2 wasn't the best release if I remember correctly. We used R7.0.3 for a long time, without too many problems.
try to run an updall on the database
From the Domino Console
load updall -R "path to maildb"
In 7.0.3 a problem with secondary sorting in views was corrected.  You need to go to that realease or a newer one.


Thanks umeli. Run load updall -R "path to maildb" is the best solution