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Is this an SEO and spider problem ?

I read somewhere recently that it is wrong to have the pages on a site being reached from links on different pages.

I took this to mean as follows:
Terms and Conditions, Mission, About Us, sitemap etc.are all in the footer on every page.

Is it right to do this?

Ido not really understand what  this :"xpert" company was putting across because  every item  on any menu appearing on the different pages Similarly for navigation purposes still links to the same page.

Any comments please?
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Information Security Manager
That is utter bull.

General navigation to your own pages on your site has got nothing to do SEO fundamentals.

Maybe post the link where you found the info and I will go through it and tell you if I understand it the same way you do.

Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
I agree with Hendrik.  Standard 'navigation' is to put at least your major page links on every page so people can 'navigate' to them.!  And 'navigation' links are often found at the top and bottom of the page to make it easy for your viewers.  Whenever you hear things like this, make sure you still have your wallet!!  Some people will say anything to get your money.


thanks for helping me to knock that one out of the park.  thought i might have been missing something.  glad i was not.

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