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Associating a default application for PHP files

ddantes asked
I have installed WampServer so that I can test PHP files on my local drive without needing to upload them to my server.  This is a big help.  However, I still need to move these files to my local root directory, launch a browser and navigate to the localhost file index.  I wonder if there is a way to configure a default application for the PHP file extension, so that the file is opened in the virtual server, wherever it resides on my local drive?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
No.  PHP needs the server resources to operate like it does on your internet server.  Without that, PHP is a command line application, not a page in a web browser.

software like phpdesigner do have a "run" option  if that could be of any help.
To my knowledge the best way to run it is through an apache and a browser.
You may also start with something really simple like just making the webfolder on your local machine your "code" folder.

ie, instead of keeping your sources in, say, c:\my_php_projects, just keep it in a folder that is inside of your webroot, eg, c:\wamp\htdocs\my_php_files. So in essence, when you make changes to the files, you do so "directly" on your localhost server, and simply keeping a browser window open that is always pointing to localhost/my_php_files will require just a quick refresh to see your changes....

Do you have a php.exe?  If so, it should take <any file name> as an argument, so:

C:\>php myfile.php

This is how it works with the php-cli in the Unix environment, with which I'm far more familiar, but I don't see why it would be any different.

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