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Create a new AD forest

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

I have a concern of creating a new AD forest, let me explain what I need.

We have a forest with a domain with aa.co.uk with both forest and domain functional levels are Windows 2003. In this forest we have two domain controllers in two sites of 192.168.3.x and 192.168.4.x. At the head office we have a firewall with truested network of 192.168.3.x (One domain controller in this site) and the branch office has a firewall with 192.168.4.x trusted network (Other domain controller in this site). These two sites are connected though a Branch Office VPN connection.

Recently I have created a optional network at the branch office with 192.168.5.x IP range and it has only one server wich will be hosting an application. This server directly connected to the firewall optional port.

I am planning to create a new domain controller in a new forest in the optional network (192.168.5.x) with a new domain bb.co.uk, when I do so I can select new forest option through DCPROMO command.

At the moment I can access each trusted networks from the new optional network, so if I raised a new forest in the optional network, would this be affected the functionality of the existing forest?

Can any expert help me please?

Thanks in advance.

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No if this is a new forest and has no relation whatsoever with the AA.co.uk, then you're good to go.
Only thing to check is that clients have the correct DNS settings for the domain they need.



What do you mean by 'no relation whatsoever with the AA.co.uk'?

I mean if the domains just co-exist, it's fine.
But if they need a trust or something then it will take more config :)
And i mean, users just keep logging in and access files etc... on domain A
while domain B just hosts an App.?


Domain B hasn't nothing to do any business with Domain A. Domain B is solely for the webusers login outsite for a web application, basically a website.

Is this what you need to clarify?

yes , you can safely set that up


many thanks Setasoujiro.

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