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New exchange 2010 installation with old exchange 2003 Infomation in Active directory


i had a exchange 2003 and domain 2003, right know i was migrate the domain 2003 to server 2008 r2 with all FSMO roles. it was successful transition and i also have the plan to migrate exchange 2003 into exchange 2010 but between my exchange 2003 was crashed. My question is when i go to install exchange 2010 on new server , how can remove the previous exchange 2003 information from the active directory (ADSI edit) and where i can remove the entries exchange 2003 related?
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yes you can remove it from adsiedit. and go with the Exchange 2010 installation
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why remove it from ADSIEdit ? why not simply uninsatlling exchange as you should
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i need the location where these exchange 2003 entries located ?  
Also keep in mind that, although a very useful tool, ADSIEdit is just to be used as last resort.

I am sure Busbar thought you said that the original server is no longer online
Yes my original server totaly dead , i bought new server and i have plane to install exchange 2010.
OK I read it wrong, I didn't notice you said crashed ! Sorry guys

Open ADSIEdit.msc and connect to the CONFIGURATION partition (not the default naming context)

go to -> services-> msexchange -> organiation name -> first administrative group (or whatever it is called) -> servers and find the 2003 server name and delete it
is there any think else to need to edit and delete entries?
yes you will need to delete the routing group connector
can u give me complete list of entries which need to delete or edit?
in the same place
go to -> services-> msexchange -> organiation name -> first administrative group (or whatever it is called)

you should have routing groups inside it you should have a routing group

go there and share a screenshot

Sorry know i am going outside the office , i have one netting, i will contact u tomorrow or after tomorrow.
Thanks in advance
when i run the exchange 2010 setup i got the thses error . how i can remove these error? for to complete my installation.
Hi Ali,

for the first error you need to switch to exchange native mode

for the second error can I ask you to open a new question for it just to keep this one consistent?
Akhater :

i did not delelte the Routing group .i just sending you the snap shoot as above you told me.
delete the first routing group
for your suggested link :  " for the first error you need to switch to exchange native mode "

i red the link but i just remind you my exchange 2003 is crashed. then how can resolve the issue?
do you need any information from your current setup or you are trying to run a clean new setup?
yes i delete the first routing group. then how can i change native? i the absent of exchange 2003?
i just want to install exchange 2010 with my exsisting setup.
do you need any information from your current setup or you are trying to run a clean new setup?
you will need to install exchange system manager on a computer and upgrade to native
i think i have to go for clean new setup. because it is better and fast way.

then what steps required for  clean installation?
you cannot install exchange system manager on a 2003 server
because in my current scenori i have only server 2008 r2 servers exsist. thats way i go with clean installation exchange 2010 on server 2008 r2.
Well you can delete the whole Microsoft Exchange tree under services but I cannot be responsible for whatever might happen to your environment after you do this.

This is not something that should be done lightly
ok. but i just want to be how many percent change the above is save. i tell little bit my scenerio my domain contrller is installed on VM before deleting the exchange tree i first make the snapshot of the server.
you only have one DC?
yes, only one DC
then yes you can do this
ok . i going to delete the complete exchange tree, i try to install fresh copy of exchange 2010. is there any thing i let u know.

Thanks for you prompt response and very very usefull information .
no just cross your fingers, I have done it in the pas without issues but still it is not an operation to be taken lightly

know my installation going very smootly, just near to finsh. i seen in my active directory users properties every users have a email. What will step need in exchange 2010 for once again i create the emails of my all users? or old email address will work or i need to reconfigure emails for all users?
i sucessfuly completed installation of exchange 2010 and i configured the send connector. when i try to configure exsisting user emails , i can not see the  any users in the container. Why it like that? when i need to delete the users and again i create new users and its emails?
no Ali you will need to recreate all the mailboxes and emails

Little confusion , what is mean "recreate all the mailboxes " ? i attached the snap shot . because i did not seen my exsisting user under this option when i select the exsisting uses. i also remove the 3 users emails in the properties of the user on domain controller and still i did not find those users.  i created new users then i am able to create the mailbox and emails.
Go to receipint config, mailbox any users there?
Yes i found the legacy Mailbox under receipint config. Then how can use thsese legacy users?
if you try to select all right click and disable mailbox (not remove mailbox but disable)
Yes. I got the way to make enable email users.


My last question regarding the above you told me "do you need any information from your current setup " if i was go with that option you told me to " install exchange system manager on a computer and upgrade to native"  . is mean  prepare the on system windows 2003 and install exchange 2003 or is there any specif option wich i need to be installed?
no you should have only installed the system manager to be able to switch to native mode
After install the system manager and switch to native mode , how long  i keep this system which i installed ?
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Thanks, know i close the question . Once again Thanks
Very nice way to resolved the question.