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Exchange Hosting

pepps11976 asked
Hi all

I have Posted different questions related to this before but i am now looking at different options.

We are a small company who host our own mail, and we have recently purchased a number of different companies and i have been tasked with hosting all the different company mail systems.

So i would like to setup a Hosted Enviroment

Because OUR current mail server needs to have no downtime i have decided not to turn that server which is exchange 2007 into a hosted server but instead to create a new hosted server on a new domain purely for hosting.

Can anybody guide me into the easiest way of doing this and also to help with the following information i need: bearing in mind i am still learning Exchange

1: What is the best exchange version to use for Hosting
(making sure all the different companies hve there own GAL etc)

2: as i am limited to hardware i only have 1 server to do this with (for now)

3: can i add some kind of admin portal so that users can add email addresses etc
(similar to what you would get with a professional hoster)

Please Advise

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Solutions Architect
1) follow the guide here http://www.msexchange.org/articles_tutorials/exchange-server-2007/migration-deployment/shared-hosting-exchange-2007-part1.html
2) 1 server is fine, but you need to do correct sizing to make sure that you have adequate resources.
3) you will need to purchase it.
my recommendations, hold on for a month Exchange 2010 SP2 will be released and you can do hosting and enjoy less resources and better options as well as built in Control Panel.


Thanks busbar

with regards to issue 3 do you have any information on where to purchase this type of portal?

and did you mean by SP2 having built in control panel that i wouldent need to buy it because it is included?

BusbarSolutions Architect

Exchange 2010 has built in CP, but the hosting support with all of the features will come with SP2.
you can try dotnetpanel or websitepanel.

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