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only some drivers installing on 4G wireless device

Hey I am installing a Sierra Wireless U320 (bigpond-Australia) device on a Windows 7 ASUS desktop and have hit dificulties.

I installed the vendor software which installs fine but when it discovers device only 4 or 5 of the drivers install sucessfully.  I also tried the vendor software which caused the same problem.

I have tried different devices also unsucessful so not a hardware fault

Drivers are windows 7

Have altered permissions to ensure it wasnt a permission problem - no luck

no antivirus on computer - firewall turned off and windows defender turned off.

I have uninstalled reinstalled and done about 6 hrs worth of "fiddlling" to try to make it work but the aame problem always there.

any idea where i should look next?

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updated BIOS and reinstlled Windows.  All good.