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Windows 7 and printers

PC4N6 asked
I am having issues with Windows 7 and printers on my network.  I have a 2003 SBS that is the print server, but it never works with Win7.  I think it is a driver issue, but not sure.  I have been able to add printers as TCP ports and point to their IP addresses.  However, end users dont have functionality of printer properties when I do that.  I have users who need to switch to color printing or use the letterhead tray.  How can I resolve this so it works properly with Windows 7 clients?
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if you have 64bit win 7 - you may hav eissues an dneed to add the 64bit drivers on the server,

however - if you have managed to add the printer locally via tcpip then the users should be able to have full functionality if they have full rights to the printer


It is 64 bit Win 7.  How do I add the 64 bit driver to the SBS?  I did make a connection through local tcp port, but when I look at the properties of the printers, none are available-I can't select BW or color or tray to print to...

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