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Cannot open the Outlook data file - error 0x8004010F

mdoland asked
I have some trouble with my Outlook 2010. I removed the .ost file since all mail is stored on the server. Then I thought it would sync up. Unfortunaltely I still have the same error: 0x8004010F. I cannot send any mail either. What do i need to do to get it working?
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Remove you Outlook profile and re-create it.

1. Start > Control Panel > Mail
2. Show Profiles
3. Select your Profile > and click the Remove button
4. Re-Create profile

If that does not work, try adding your account on a new machine and see if you get the same error. if not, remove your profile from the faulty machine and recreate.

This thread looks like it may answer your question...looks like your client may be trying to save data to the wrong location.
HendrikWiese is correct, removing his profile as he stated should allow you to re-create it properly.

Keep in mind the OST is from the server and removing just that might cause issues, I'd remove both the OST and the extend.dat in that users profile and you should be good.
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The error you mentioned above in question is related to offline address book.

Configure any account and try to download addressbook
If you just manualy deleted the ost file and you are now having the issues then configure your profile so not look for an ost file.

Start > Control Panel > Mail
E-Mail Accounts
Highlight your account and click Change
Untick "Use Cached Exchange Mode"

Try opening outlook now.

Please check the delivery location, mailbox should be selected and not a local path.

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