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Printed document displaying text not part of the document on screen.


Have a very strange issue that has come up.  One of our users has reported that when she printed off a document, random text appear near the title of the document.  The text appears to belong to another document though not part of the one that she was printing.  Looking at the document on screen the text in question is not there.  I would guess that the internal memory of the printer has kept this information or that the driver has become corrupt.  On reprinting the document the text had disappeared.  I've attached the hard copy of what was printed with the text that appeared in brackets.  Any suggestions or fixes other than a driver update would be very welcoming.  Printer-issue.pdf
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It's very difficult to tell from an annotated picture of a single incident.

It is possible to set Hidden text to be printed and not set it to be viewable on the screen, but the reported details point away from that explanation.

Apart from the printer, I wouldn't rule out a hardware glitch (hard disc perhaps). I think that 'watch and wait' is the best policy.
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Thanks for the quick response.   I should off added that the printer is networked so multiply users access this and the user that reported the problem states that the text present (in the brackets) is not something she has worked on previously .  Its an HP9050 device, I've certainly never seen this issue before.
Perhaps I should have mentioned that it could be a network problem.
Does the behavior happen when printing right to the printers IP? Or is it happening when using a print server?

I'd try printing directly to the printer with updated drivers and see if it happens again.
I updated the printer drivers at the weekend and so far the issue hasn't resurfaced again .